Telematics for your fleet — independent and user friendly, for the fleet manager and the driver, on all devices. Register and start driving without any purchasing or installation costs for hardware. Together, we will “Drive Smarter”, bringing ease into the driver logbook management, reducing operative costs and minimizing claims of your fleet – welcome to drivo telematics

Our innovative technology
tailored to your needs

The drivo telematics portal. Manage your fleet, easy and efficient.

Drivers Logbook

Create and manage logbooks for vehicles and users – in seconds. Exporting the logbook into different data formats enables easy processing as well as guarantees the approval and authorization by the tax authorities.

Fleet Analysis

Analyze and steer the performance of your fleet with a variety of fleet analytics information. Gain knowledge of the actual mileages, the operational performance, the scope of usage and the utilization to identify optimization potentials.


Vehicles and drivers

Add vehicles with just a few clicks and invite drivers via E-Mail. If a vehicle gets replaced or a driver leaves the company, delete and deactivate (respectively) with ease within seconds – via the drivo telematics portal.


Claim, Driver Logbook and other notifications. Drivers communicate directly with the fleet manager via the telematics app for the structured processing of all information.

On Point. The Driv-X

Your fleet becomes more sustainable, safer and more efficient.


Learn how to drive smart,
with smart driving.

Each vehicle becomes more sustainable, efficient and safe. In relation to the driv-X Score, the accumulated index representing the scores of the parameters acceleration, braking and cornering are represented through the achieved savings as follows:

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drivo telematics App

Trip recording and active driver coaching on iOS and Android smartphones – for every driver

Precise and intuitive

Live Feedback

Each driver gets live-Feedback for his or her individual driving behavior during every trip. Acceleration, braking maneuvers and cornering are analyzed and illustrated in real time and without any delay. This enables the driver to improve the driving behavior ad hoc. The visual illustration of the driv-X is intuitive and prevents any form of distraction.

At one glance

Individual Logbook

The app records trips, edits them and evaluates the driving behavior. Each driver gets individual analysis regarding the his/her usage of the fleet. The calendar function additionally offers the overview of the driving behavior evaluation.

Safety. For the road and for your data.

The safe processing and storage of your data is an essential part of drivo Telematics.


The secure and responsible handling of data is our number one priority. Our servers are located in a secure location in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Fireproof, access protected and equipped with emergency power-generators, we meet the highest security standards.


Our entire data traffic is encrypted with 128-bit Secure Socket Layers for a secure data transmission. The communication of the telematics portal and the driver apps with our servers is entirely encrypted and safe.


Drivers get invited and authorized exclusively by the fleet manager. The account is assigned to one person only. The access to the apps is secured with an individual four digit PIN preventing abuse and unauthorized access at all times.

External data protection officer

For the safe handling and the protection of all personal data, we employ an external data protection officer to secure, to check and to adapt the proper handling of all personal data through technical and organizational actions on a regular basis.


A transparent price and performance scheme for a scalable Fleet management, tailored to your fleet

  • Basic
  • For small fleets with great ambitions
  • 12,90 €
    /mo per Vehicle
  • Drivo Fleet Management Portal
  • Vehicle and User Management
  • Digital driver Logbook
  • Driver identification
  • E-Mail Support
  • Up to 25 Vehicles & 100
  • Performance
  • More performance, for the driver and fleet.
  • 24,90 €
    /mo per Vehicle
  • Drivo Fleet Management Portal
  • Vehicle and User Management
  • Digital driver Logbook
  • Driver identification
  • Driving style scoring and driver evaluation
  • Fleet reporting & Performance
  • E-Mail & Phone Support
  • Up to 75 Vehicles & 300 Users
  • Premium
  • For companies which think bigger.
  • 74,90 €
    /mo per Vehicle
  • Drivo Fleet Management Portal
  • Vehicle and User Management
  • Digital driver Logbook
  • Driving style scoring and driver evaluation
  • Fleet reporting & Performance
  • Communication
  • Extended user management
  • E-Mail & Phone Support
  • Up to 500 Vehicles & 2000 Users

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Drivo is an innovative Fleet management solution for your organization. The driver logbook gets digitalized, processes improved and the driving behavior of the entire fleet optimized.


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